A companion or a contingency for your next event.

TSL is taking decades of experience in the live event space, an existing suite of the powerful data management tools in TSL Web Reg, and combining with a richly interactive landscape of design and communication. The culmination is an immersive Virtual Conference experience that satisfies all the stakeholders of your meeting. TSL VC is built to be a companion or contingency for your live event.

Take a Look at TSL Virtual Conference Platform


Cross the threshold and convene with your entire assembly. The Lobby is the first step on the journey through the conference. You can access every feature of the Virtual Conference from this page. All attendee content may be accessed from this page. Custom design with event branding and sponsorship. Message board for scheduled and impromptu announcements.

Exhibit Hall

Create an immersive and intuitive experience that drives traffic to your exhibitors, and delivers tangible results for your sponsors. Companies can be searched and sorted by categories. Click on the company logo to access their virtual exhibit booth.

Exhibitor Booth

Highly customize-able. Highly interactive. Fully integrated lead retrieval and gamification. Your attendees will connect with your exhibitors here. Super engaging gamification to drive traffic to virtual exhibitor booths. Exhibitor lead retrieval reporting is fulling integrated. Attendees can access relevant documents, videos and images provided by the exhibitor, and even chat with booth staff in real time.

Conference Center

Curate robust educational content. One stop shop for keynote addresses, poster presentations, and all continuing education. Every individual session room can be accessed from the session list. Broadcast live video to all conference participants. Many opportunities available for custom design with event branding and sponsorship.

Session Room

Live sessions and recorded presentations. Focused chat with presenters and attendees. Display educational session content in an intuitive format. Educational Session Tracking for CE credit is fully integrated. Attendees can chat live with the speaker.

Networking Lounge

The hub for all attendees to gather. Create a relaxing virtual destination for attendees to gather and connect. Enter into an open forum chat, or start your own small group chat with text and video. Connect external social media timelines. This space contains all necessary elements to incite genuine attendee to attendee interaction.

Fully Integrated Chat

Chat with all conference users. Connect with video chat, text, screen share, and file sharing. All embedded throughout the conference platform. All users may access searchable lists of attendees, speakers, and exhibit staff.

User Dashboards

Access portals for attendees, exhibitors, speakers, or multiple roles. Each role has unique options for chat interaction and real time reporting tools. Fully integrated lead retrieval and session tracking.

TSL Customer Support

Dedicated TSL staff provide unmatched customer service throughout the event. Video instructions, user guide, and live support. Users may contact TSL tech support via phone, email, or real-time chat. TSL provides training to all designated staff on use of the admin and reporting tools.