Virtual Conference

TSL is taking decades of experience in the live event space, an existing suite of the powerful data management tools in TSL Web Reg, and combing with a richly interactive landscape of design and communication. The culmination is an immersive Virtual Conference experience that satisfies all the stakeholders of your meeting. TSL VC is built to be a companion or contingency for your live event.

Virtual Conference Features

Convention Lobby

Cross the threshold and convene with your entire assembly. Customize this space to create a powerful sponsorship vehicle.

Educational Sessions

Curate robust educational content. Track CEs. Survey your audience. Encourage live attendee interaction with your faculty and speakers.

Trade Show

Create an immersive and intuitive experience that drives traffic to your exhibitors, and delivers tangible results for your sponsors.

Exhibit Booth

Highly customize-able. Highly interactive. Fully integrated lead retrieval and gamification. Your attendees will connect with your exhibitors here...

Networking Lounge

A comprehensive communication hub for every participant of your live virtual convention. Video conferencing, open forum chat...

Speaker Portal

Give your faculty full access to manage multiple presentations on their own timetable.